There are a lot of realtors to choose from, but I am different, interview me and you will see for yourself!


Smart consumers interview a few potential real estate agents before deciding on whom to hire, who is the right fit for them. Just because you don’t have to pay for a realtor when your a buyer, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be as picky as if you were paying your life savings. You only hire a realtor every few years or more, and are trusting them with a major purchase in your life that could drastically effect you financially and emotionally.

Here’s a few key points on how I work and stand out:


1. Always Available

Buying  is one of the largest financial investments you will make, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Real Estate Agent that will answer their phone and take calls at all times of the day and week ? Houses aren’t sold only Monday- Friday 8-5 they are sold all day, all the time and if your realtor isn’t available you could miss out on a house! I respond to all calls, emails and text messages promptly so your never waiting until the next day to hear from me!


2. Complete Customer Satisfaction Agreement

I allow my clients to cancel working with me at anytime with no penalty if they are not completely satisfied with every aspect of my service! I am confident my service is exceptional and adds value to any client purchasing that you can’t find anywhere and so I stand by it! I invite you to check out my testimonials on my website, Zillow, Trulia and Yelp and see what other’s have to say! You read reviews on everything before you buy, see what other people are saying. All reviews are published and verified by the independent websites.


3. Experience Matters

I work over full time  Monday-Sunday and I'm in the market showing homes daily. I know the market inside and out, all areas, all types of homes and all price ranges.  The real estate market changes monthly and you need an agent who keeps appraised of the current conditions, inventory levels, and can negotiate the best deal for you in the current market your in including advising you on how to make the best offer to secure your house based on these conditions. All of us realtors are licensed, but we are all different. The saying is 20% of the realtors do 80% of the business, you don’t want someone who does this on the side of their regular job because then they don’t know the market daily. Would you let a retired surgeon perform surgery on you?


4. I Have Time To Devote To Your Needs

Often clients think if I am busy I won’t have time to devote to your needs. You will be amazed! I have buyer’s of all different personalities and all different stages in the home buying process with all different hours they work, and this allows me time to take on new clients. I manage time well and will never take on more than I can handle as customer service is my number one priority!


5. I Value Honesty and Integrity

I always do what is right for my clients and put them before my pocket book. There are a lot of people in sales that unfortunately do not care what's in their customers best interest, they just want to close that deal any way they can. I want to establish a lasting relationship with you, know that you didn’t buy a money pit and are happy in your home. My goal is for you to come back to me years later and refer me to your family and friends, knowing I will always have their best interests in mind and not ours.


6. I Maintain A Network of Contractors, Inspectors and Loan Officers

I expect from my network of professionals the same I expect of myself and anyone I do business with. I work with a few select highly qualified professionals who assist in helping insure a smooth transaction.


I would love to meet you and know you will be pleased with my service once you meet me!